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Streamlining Trade Finance Operations: Chooses Datavolo for Multimodal Data Pipelines

In the ever-evolving landscape of trade finance, digitization and compliance automation are paramount for efficiency and regulatory adherence. Enter, a pioneering force in the industry. Their digital workbench, ClearTrade®, revolutionizes trade finance operations by digitizing vast volumes of data from trade finance documents and automating checks against industry requirements such as UCP, ISBP, URC, and URDG. Additionally, their Compliance module streamlines regulatory compliance checks by automating red flag and TBML assessments.

To deploy their cutting-edge technology across diverse, highly regulated customer environments, including major cloud vendors like AWS, GCP, and Azure, as well as on-premises setups, sought an enterprise-grade solution for multi-modal data capture, transformation, and continuous delivery. Recognizing the critical nature of this requirement, turned to Datavolo, powered by Apache NiFi, as their data pipeline solution of choice.

Datavolo‘s extensive expertise in managing unstructured data pipelines with Apache NiFi, coupled with its latest features tailored for modern data challenges, made it the obvious choice for With Datavolo, gains a robust and flexible data pipeline solution that meets the stringent demands of the highly regulated trade finance industry. This strategic partnership underscores’s commitment to driving digital transformation and operational excellence in trade finance, setting a new standard for efficiency and compliance in the sector.

“Choosing Datavolo was an easy choice as working with their team and technology was able to 10x the speed by which we deliver new features to our customers.” said Chandrasekhar, Chief Technology Officer of  “We work with highly regulated customers, as does Datavolo, and that expertise is invaluable.”

About is an advanced Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning platform that enables banks to launch products at a rapid pace. Headquartered in California with offices in New York, Bahrain and India, the company aims to simplify banking. The platform leverages technology breakthroughs with a fully automated document processing layer, unified ML lifecycle management, data management, model governance and dynamic rules engine leveraging NLP. This will transform banks into hyper agile organizations, that customers want to bank with and deliver exceptional customer service, drive short term gains and long-term growth, and generate insights to sustain momentum at digital scale. was founded by leaders in global technology, representing decades of entrepreneurial and digital systems experience in banking.

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