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Cleareye.ai acquires Aiware.ai, a leading Artificial Intelligence player in India

LOS ANGELES, May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Global fintech company Cleareye.ai, headquartered in California, has acquired AIWare.ai, an India based startup specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solutions. Located in the State of Kerala, AIWare.ai was recently recognized as one of the top 10 AI startups in India.

Murali Gopalan, Chief Executive Officer Cleareye.ai, said that this is an important milestone in its journey towards offering “Simplify Banking” as value proposition to Banks worldwide. He said, “The Cleareye.ai platform is designed to help banks launch products and solutions faster to market, while creating phenomenal customer experience and increasing the top line and bottom-line revenue. Our platform leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques and helps banks achieve this with minimal changes to their core infrastructure”.

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