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16 Key Steps To Better Business Decision Making

FORBES Business Development Council Featuring Mariya George, President, July 27, 2020 —

Businesses are in an unenviable position of needing to be right about most of their decisions. Even the smallest choices they make can significantly impact their ability to compete. Making the wrong decisions can lead to fallout in several ways, from financial hardship to losing vast numbers of their workforce.

Because of the factors affecting each decision, it’s easier for businesses to outline the choices they make that aren’t critical as opposed to those that are. How does a business make better decisions then? To help, these 16 members of Forbes Business Development Council share some of the key steps a company should take to improve its decision-making process.

Leverage Emotional Intelligence

Business leaders should understand the significance of emotional intelligence in driving business decisions. Not only should leaders have high EQ, but they should enable their teams to disarm affect-driven bias, identify those with lower EQ and help understand the root cause(s) of the emotions that are impacting their decision-making capabilities. – Mariya

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