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13 Tech Leaders Share Their Favorite Software Development Life Cycle Methodologies

FORBES Technology Council Featuring Chandrasekhar Somasekhar, Chief Architect,
Aug 10, 2021.

There are mountains of articles on the various software development life cycle methodologies, but nothing beats personal experience. While there may be no single SDLC methodology that fits all companies’ processes, there are tried-and-tested methods trusted by tech leaders across the industry. While some choose to stick with a single method that works well for them and their team, others combine methodologies to create a hybrid approach.

In almost every instance, though, a tech leader settles on their preferred system only after testing various methods “in the field.” The industry experts of Forbes Technology Council are seasoned leaders who have experience with the many SDLC options, and each is clear on why the method they have chosen for their team is the most efficient and effective path for them. Below, 13 of them share the software development life cycle methodology that gets their top vote, and why.

Evolutionary Architecture + Agile

Building solutions based on Evolutionary Architecture principles and Agile practices has proven efficient. Solutions need an architecture that enables incremental change over time. The late decisions and abstract design principles of Evolutionary Architecture don’t impact self-organizing Agile teams as they follow Continuous Delivery practices, automated infrastructure provisioning and data migration.

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