Enabling banks to launch tailored products in weeks,
while delivering unforgettable customer experiences

An enterprise ready platform that enables banks to deploy tailored products
with 80% less effort, and 100% risk management.This is achieved by mixing
and matching 8 existing modules, built on 7 foundational models, within 1 Platform.


At Cleareye.ai our mission is simple:
improve financial inclusion globally.

Cleareye.ai solutions are designed to help banks serve more people in
ways that best fit their needs while providing pathways for generating
new revenues for your organization.

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Our Difference


Customers get the banking
products and services that
perfectly fit their unique
situation with speed
and agility.


Profitability rises through
efficiency and increased
share of wallet.


Employees become hyper
productive and systems
become more effective
and optimized.

Lowering the
cost of AI

Increasing the
speed of ROI

The Cleareye.ai platform is competitively priced
and allows your business to paywhen you see

It is proof before you pay. This outcome-driven
model is designed to help you implement quickly
at a much lowercost. It integrates with your existing systems, avoiding the need to invest in entirely new technology.

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Major changes are coming to the finance industry worldwide as regulators are pushing for banks to move away from LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate). This is potentially the largest ever fundamental change that the finance industry has had to deal…

LIBOR is London Interbank Offered Rate, the benchmark rate in nearly $350 Trillion worth financial products contracts worldwide. Financial institutions have to completely transition away from LIBOR by the end of 2021. SOFR (secured overnight financing rate) has been developed…